I’m a London based Art Director specialising in stills and video content.

I started my creative journey as an Art Director translating dry financial services briefs into responsive direct mail pieces. Sexy it was not but it did teach me very early on how to look at a problem from all angles, consider the possibilities and find that sweet spot between message and engagement.

The elegance of distilling a concept into a single visual is what drew me to working with stills and video. Collaborating with a global network of photographers, videographers, talent and brands at picture agencies Getty Images and Gallery Stock gave me the opportunity to create content at scale for a huge variety of clients. From financial services (HSBC) to editorial platforms (Refinery 29) via Motor Manufacturers (Honda) and everything in between.

After many years working within large organisations I’ve become adept at: commissioning talent; creating content at all budget levels, trend analysis, concept creation, art direction, creative leadership, image curation and motivating teams to refine concepts and create their best work.

Most recently, I co-founded the stills and video content agency Plume Creative and am collaborating with Photographer Tara Moore on a portraiture project, We.Are.. As Creative Director, I’m able to pursue my ambition of creating diverse visual stories for beauty and consumer brands.

Get in touch - M: 07786195342 E: coventry.lee@gmail.com